A Few Kind Words

“Amazing Work”
Truly amazing people to work with! They spent all day at my venue recording each moment. It was worth every penny I spent. I found no one that would stay half the time they did and receive everything in the package that I was given for close to the price I paid! Dirk has an amazing eye and never missed a single moment. He traveled 5 hours for my wedding to a location he never saw till the day before and even captured some moments of my rehearsal which was neat to see as well. Amazing people and even better work! Highly recommend!!!
“Great Investment”
Having Roberson Films film my wedding was one of the best investments. My husband and I have a tradition of watching our wedding video every anniversary. The memories & emotions captured are relived every single year! Working with Dirk was so easy. He already thought through EVERYTHING & I didn't have to worry about a single thing. It's a relief knowing you will get what you pay for and that I was going to have my wedding forever. Roberson films is TOP quality and definitely a recommendation!
“Everything we wanted and more.”
If you are considering getting a wedding videographer, only one name should come to mind "ROBERSON FILMS." Dirk and his staff are not only professional and courteous, they really get to know you and your personal style. Every wedding video I viewed was very different from the last and all completely tailored to the couple. I was worried about the cost ( even though I had a budget for a videographer), Roberson Films worked with me to customize a package that captured everything and more! When I say more let me explain : When you are in your final week of wedding prep, time flies by. You don't have time to sit down, much less remember each and every detail. Dirk joined us at our rehearsal dinner and rehearsal for our wedding. He was there during our preparations on our big day. He captured private moments for my husband and I to watch and enjoy. Dirk got it all. There was no detail left out. Watching the trailer which was around 5 minutes had my anticipation at an all time high to see our final video. When it arrived it was in customized cases! The footage that we received was more amazing and more special than I ever imagined it could be. I look forward to watching these videos every year around our anniversary to see just how amazing and in love we were and how special our day was not only to us, but to those who were able to join us. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts Dirk! I couldn't be happier to recommend this amazing company!
- Nancy & Gary
As is the case from other videographers, I was expecting a simple film of the wedding ceremony and a few minutes from the reception (toasts, dances, etc).

When we received our videos, I was blown away! Filming was excellent, not choppy or shaky, but stable, smooth, classy, and fun with great sound tracks enhancing moments where silence would have been plain and uninteresting. I remember there were so many to talk to that night and it was such a whirlwind that we felt we missed our own reception! That's where Dirk came through for us in so many unexpected and great ways. He really gave us the feeling like we got to experience all the people, all the dancing that was so fun, all the blessings and encouragements, and all the memories which we could barely remember after such a crazy night.

Another thing I liked about Dirk was that he was serious about our video!! He was ready to deliver above and beyond whatever was asked of him, he was attentive to detail, AND he cared deeply about the quality of the results. He didn't have his own agenda for the night, but rather wanted to fulfill our requests making sure that we were pleased. Besides that, he's a pleasure to be around and he's really funny...we loved him and so did all our guests!

Finally, not only did Roberson Films deliver, but they delivered fast! I felt like a priority. like the services we had requested were important and not "put on the back-burner" just because the wedding was now over and there were new events to do. I've had some friends wait 1 year or more for their wedding video! Dirk had ours back to us in what seemed like a flash...I never even had the chance to think, "Hey, where's our wedding video?" It was a pleasant cherry-on-top experience.

Thanks so much Roberson Films for making our wedding event an incredible experience that we can go back to and remember for many years to come!
- Donnie
“Stellar, professional service.”
Dirk Roberson was an absolute pleasure to work with, is very easy going, great with the bridal party, people and guests alike and we hardly knew most of the time that he was even there doing his job... he's that GOOD! He did an amazing job capturing our wedding and all of the precious moments you never want to forget! The footage was beautiful and the quality excellent! He was very flexible with us in every way and captured angles and views that were not only highly professional, but extremely personable! He managed to do the entire day justice on all accounts... and it is awesome to have this amazing memory with us forever!!! THANK YOU DIRK!! 🙂
- JD & Tricia
Dirk fit in with our family so well it seemed like he was part of it. Everyone was very pleased with his professionalism while still being very fun and making you feel comfortable with a video camera in your face. Our video was spectacular and we are so happy that Dirk blessed us with his talents!! Thank you so much for capturing all the wonderful memories in video that will surely not be forgotten!!
- Hannah